TLS – Autoclave

Industrial autoclaves are used for a range of jobs, amongst which: sterilization, vulcanization, hard rubber lining, composite material works, textile finishes, etc.

They are manufactured using the latest construction technologies and designed to guarantee easy use, maximum safety functioning and to withstand time.

They can be made in horizontal or vertical versions, in Mild steel or top quality stainless steel.

The fast closing door system with single operation with toothed lugs embedded on its circumference on the locking rings and hydraulic cylinders can be mounted for automatic movement.

For hot air autoclaves, the heating system can be with diathermic oil coil or electric battery. All the autoclaves have the requisite safety systems to ensure that accidental opening of the door is avoided and to guard against man-handling errors by the operator.. External insulation, if requested, is achieved with high density mineral wool and Aluminium sheet for the body, painted iron base with cover and on the back part. For hot air autoclaves, interior thermal insulation is also supplied with mineral wool and glossy stainless steel sheet if required.

Autoclaves are used to process both laminated composites and bonded metallic assemblies, for example honeycomb panels. While under vacuum, or vented, heat and pressure can be adjusted to optimize the fiber/resin ratio in composite parts and provide high strength bonds (using high strength film adhesives) in bonded assemblies

  • Various type of Autoclave

    Benefits of the Autoclave Cure

    • Highest strength to weight ratio
    • High fiber content laminates
    • Pressurized curing and reduced voids
    • Ability to process large parts or a number of small ones
    • Pressure and heat can be controlled very closely
    • Strategic fiber placement Flatness


    • Precision Curing Parts,
    • Aircraft Parts,
    • PCB's,
    • Laminates,
    • Thermo set components for the electronics industry.
    • Strategic fiber placement Flatness

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