TLS – Heating Coils:

We are offering a wide range of Heating Coils Suitable for Our Customers as well as our Products. ( Furnaces, Ovens, Boilers, Autoclaves, Thermic Fluid Heaters etc.) We are using Kenthal & Nichrome wire for Coils. It is corrosion resistant, and has high melting point of about 1200 °C. The heating coils have relatively high resistivity and very good resistance to oxidation at high temperatures

TLS – Heating Coils have many advantages, such as deformation ability, thermal stability, mechanical character, shockproof ability in thermal state and anti-oxidization. For heating, resistance Heating Coil must be stable in air when hot. TLS- Heating Coil forms a protective layer of chromium oxide when it is heated for the first time. Material beneath the layer will not oxidize, preventing the Heating Coil from breaking or burning out. Due to TLS- Heating Coil's relatively high resistivity and resistance to oxidation at high temperatures,TLS- Heating Coil is widely used in heating elements, electric furnace heating and heat-treating processes in the chemical, mechanical, metallurgical and defence industries, such as in Electric Furnace, electric ovens, vacuum coating, inner components of vacuum valves, etching resistor, brake resistor, tube heater, sealer and boiler. TLS- Heating Coil also has good anti-corrosion and high resistant co-efficiency. TLS Heating Coil is commonly used in ceramics as an internal support structure to help some elements of clay sculptures hold their shape while they are still soft.

TLS - Heating Coils are specified in resistance, volt-amps (watts), outside diameter (OD), wire diameter and pitch or coils per unit length. It can be manufactured according to the customer's requirements.

Applications: Heating Coils are found in consumer and industrial applications. Large diameter Heating Coils are used within plastic injection molding, blow molding machines, autoclaves, industrial paint booths, food processing equipment, and environmental chambers. Consumer applications include residential space heaters, electric ovens, and electric central heating systems.