Over 2 Decade history, Thermal Lining Services are known as the thermal process technology experts. Thermal Lining Services designs has built up an enviable reputation for innovative design, advanced technology and outstanding quality in the field of Electric, Oil and Gas Fired furnaces for research, quality control and industrial Process.

TLS Philosophy is to match good design with quality at every stage. We use only the finest materials and test every component throughout production to ensure that out furnaces operate efficiently over a long working life. As part of our ongoing commitment to improve the quality of our Products and Services, initiative is involving g everyone within our organisation to ensure that our procedures are conducted in such a manner that we provide only top quality products and services.

Competitive Edge

Thank for our outstanding and qualified engineering department, state-of-the-art infrastructural facility and cutting-edge technology, our well-established company capable of delivering matchless products, which have advanced technique and high performance. Sophisticated manufacturing unit.

Manufacturing Unit:

We are armed with advanced manufacturing unit that is equipped with latest machinery and equipments. Our modern manufacturing unit is assisted by qualified and experienced professionals who help in the production process. Additionally, our in-house design unit helps us in producing latest designs for high performance and efficiency. Some of the machines that are installed in the manufacturing unit comprises of the following:

  • Welding
  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Painting
  • Planning

We are serving to various Industries in India and Abroad.

Electrical Motor & Transformer

Drying and Baking Oven for Stators, Rotors

Glass Industry

Glass Tempering, Annealing, Slumping, Bending, Fusion and Glass Chetons

Steel Wire Industry

In Line Patenting Furnace, Galvanizing Furnace, Strand Wire Annealing, Wire Coil Bell/Pot Annealing Furnace


Tray Dryer, Rotary Dryer, Roasting, Calcinations & Smelting Furnaces and for Electric Assay Furnace, Electric Cupellation Furnace, Electric Chlorination Furnace

Non Ferrous

Melting Furnace, Slab/Bar Heating

Automobile Industry

Carburizing, Nitrating, Hardening, Tempering

Ceramic Industry

Ceramic Kiln


Melting & Holding Furnace, Solution Treatment, Precipitation Hardening, Ageing Furnace.

Quality Policy

At TLS, we consider quality as one of the foremost entities the fastest growth of company and complete satisfaction clients. Our company driven approach prompted us to acquire a team of skilled and schooled quality controllers who closely monitor whole production process. In order to ensure complete satisfaction of the customers, we perform multistage quality testing, which start from procurement of raw materials and continue till final dispatching of products for our valuable customers. Some of the quality and economy parameters are as following.

  • Excellent economy due to low capital and operating costs.
  • Proper utilization of energy by a technologically advanced combination of insulating materials.
  • Long – life due to the use of highest grade material.
  • Accurate temperature control, ensuring very good working results.
  • Simple installation, delivered ready for operation.
  • Heat and noise much reduced to improve operator comfort
  • Protection of the environment by the use of clean energy and no waste gases.
  • Reliable service
  • Spare parts always in stock – immediate despatch.

Customers' Satisfaction

While manufacturing, supplying and exporting Industrial TLS Product, we always maintain affordable prices without compromising on quality and customers satisfaction because these two are main pillar of our company and at any cost we will preserve them in all circumstances. Our client centric approach is apparent from the objectives that we have developed and followed:

  • On-time delivery of consignments
  • Manufacturing technologically advanced products
  • Easy payment modes (Money transfer through bank, Cash & Demand Draft)
  • Customized products.