Products & Services

  • Engineering Services

    We provide efficient designs to end users & manufacturers in Auto Cad format for self fabrications which will turn out to be 30 % cost effective.

    We offer the following services to our esteemed customers

    • Evaluation of the specific requirement
    • Designing the equipment
    • Manufacturing and supply
    • Erection and commissioning
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Supply of spares and accessories etc.

    Our entire range of equipment are of custom built and hence we are hereby illustrating few of products to enlighten you our capability. We take the challenging responsibility to produce equipment which suits you exact requirements.

  • Fuel Conversions Services

    Variations in the cost of different fuels can make it economically advantageous to change from an existing fuel to a cheaper fuel. In many parts of the world these changes can make a vast difference to an operator's budget even after conversion costs have been taken into account.

    Also a change in fuel can sometimes give marked improvements to the quality of a product plus environmental benefits to the workforce and local population.

  • Consultancy Services

    We can give a complete design and consultancy service to client's who wish to carry out work themselves. This service ranges from advice on processing to complete design, detail drawings, instructions, project management etc, for almost all types of furnaces and associated plant.

  • Commissioning Services

    A commissioning service is available for almost all types of furnace and furnace equipment. This includes re-commissioning of older plant where burners and controls need resetting periodically.

    Surveys of existing plant can be made and a report provided. This can often reveal problems such as poor control and combustion characteristics which can be corrected to significantly improve processes and cut costs.

  • New Combustion Systems

    We can offer a complete new combustion system for existing or new furnaces or ovens. These systems incorporate:

    • Burners of many types.
    • Heating Pumping Unit.
    • Gas Train.
    • Manifolds.
    • Blowers.
    • Safety equipment.
    • Automatic light up systems including safe start by clock when no personnel are present.
    • Temperature controls.
    • Control panels.
  • Furnace Relining Services

    • We supply full linings for industrial furnaces and other heating equipment according to own projects, not only for our own supplies, but also as a separate contract, as in the case of modernization, reconstruction or repair.
    • Thermal Lining Services is one of the few companies in the field of industrial furnaces which employs experts for system design and constructional documentation of linings and their assembly, and also experts for insulation of industrial furnaces and other thermal equipment. That enables us to have a full control of execution of our work and to be responsible for final solution as well as to increase our competitive strength.
  • Insulation Services

    We also deal in other industrial insulation services such as insulation, pipeline, ducting, tank insulation, under deck insulation, ducting insulation, fibre insulation, vessel insulation, and exhaust pipeline insulation.

    • Tank insulation is used ideally on tanks, vessels and large-diameter pipes. Our tank insulation can be applied for any curved or irregular surfaces which require finished characteristics of rigid fiber glass insulation. Semi-rigid fiber glass board in roll form faced with a factory-applied vapour retarder or a glass mat facing is used by us. The glass fibbers are held perpendicular to the jacketing for flexibility and hassle free installation.
  • Automation Services

    Offers complete electrical design services that include PLC systems with software, control panels and flame monitoring panels. TLS builds these panels in our own panel shop that includes mounting equipment, sub panels, wiring to terminal strips and testing (both process and continuity).

    Complete automation services for design, system architecture, custom software, start-up and training services for furnace application. Systems can be designed for individual furnaces or to handle multiple furnaces such as annealing or forge shops. Our Automation systems currently installed, allows burner selection and pulse sequences to match the loading profile in the furnace