Gas Train & Manifolds

In the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) trade, 'industrial installations' generally refer to the installation at factories and the 'commercial installations' relate to the larger type of catering establishments, such as hotel, restaurants and canteens. These system is allow maximum of 20kg/hr Load because ther is natural vaporization of LPG. In these applications, the LPG installations generally consist of a larger number of cylinders, pressure regulators, piping, etc, and are handled by relatively unskilled workers and hence a code of practice is most needed. The application of this standard is recommended in order to promote safety and consumer satisfaction. We follows Is 6044 Part-1 & OISD -162 norms for these types of Installations.

  • Gas Train

    A Gas train properly sized for minimum pressure loss comprises of Main shut off ball valve, Gas filters, Gas pressure switch, Secondary Stage pressure regulators, Press gauges, Safety gas solenoid valves, Orifice valve, Slow opening motorized gas valve works as the gas supply to the burner in set and safe mode.

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  • Manifolds



    • Manifold means number of cylinders are attached to the single header.
    • It is the method of distribution of LPG from Cylinder manifold.
    • LOT means Liquid Off Take and VOT means Vapor Off Take.

    LOT Systems are compact and safe which includes connecting Hoses, NRVs, Valves, Piping System, LPG Vaporizer with all Safety Fittings, Pressure Regulating Stations, Filters, Gauges etc.

    Advantages of LOT Systems

    • Requires Less Area
    • Very convenient to handle
    • No residual loss
    • Constant Pressure
    • Easy availability
    • Cheaper then Bulk installations

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