Heating And Pumping Unit

Thermal Heating and Pumping Units are Pre- Engineered and compact. They are designed to supply fuel Oil to Clients Installation at a predetermined constant temperature and pressure required for efficient combustion.

Fuel Oil at Pumping viscosity from the plant to oil supply line enters this unit which automatically heats and re – circulates the oil to maintain it at the higher temperature required for good burner operation and combustion.


Thermal Lining Pumping and Heating Units are supplied in various capacities depending on the amount of oil they have to pump and preheat. Generally the capacity of the Unit is expressed in terms of the kilowatt rating of the electric oil Preheater which again determines the maximum amount of oil the unit can preheat over a given range of temperature. Following table gives the maximum about of oil which can be heated by a unit of a particular size.

Different Models

The Heating and Pumping Units are supplied in the following three Models: