We provide Recuperator that is widely used in various industries for utilization of waste heat from thermic fluid heaters and boilers. When allied with coal, it ensures saving of coal consumption up to 25%. Our Recuperators that preheats the combustion air from fuel gases to a temperature ranging from 250-350oC recycles the waste heat back to the furnaces saves up to 12-15% of furnace oil. The usual payback period on installation is just 5-7 months.

convection recuperators (also referred to as "flue" or "canal" recuperators) are tubular heat exchangers that utilize convection heat transfer to preheat combustion air or gas for the purpose of saving fuel. By recovering heat from the hot waste gas exiting a furnace and transferring it to the combustion air feeding the burners, fuel usage can be reduced by an average of twenty-five percent (25%), and in many cases, greater savings are realized. Waste gas temperatures entering convection recuperators are usually in the 800° C to 1100°C range, and combustion air preheat temperatures are usually in the 400° C to 700° C range. Applications for convection recuperators include the following: steel soaking pits steel reheat furnaces steel heat treat furnaces steel anneal and pickle lines steel galvanizing lines direct reduced iron furnaces aluminum melting furnaces aluminum de-lacquering systems aluminum heat treat furnaces ceramic and refractory kilns thermal oxidizers waste incinerators.